I’m a Christian egalitarian.

You too? You’ve come to the right place.

Since egalitarianism still gets a bad rap in Christian circles, I wanted to create a battle-free zone for egalitarian Christian women to talk about both the deep things and the little things of life. Here, we’re concerned less about proving egalitarianism as a valid, biblical belief and more about discussing every day life with other women who share that belief.

I write about living ethically, mindfully, and lovingly, even in the mundane things, with much grace and honesty toward ourselves and others. My specific passions are feminism, children’s rights and welfare (starting but definitely not ending at conception), and the intersectional conversations between those two subjects. I’m still deconstructing somewhat from a fundamentalist, patriarchal background, but am drawn to Christian mysticism and progressivism with an Incarnational emphasis. I care a lot about gracious, effective communication and intellectual honesty, and strive for those things myself.

Unsure of egalitarianism? Read along, anyways!

Egalitarians believe that wives should submit to their husbands. We acknowledge the beautiful differences between the sexes. We celebrate femininity. We support stay-at-home mothers. We draw our teachings, inspiration, and redemption from Christ, the gospel, and Scripture.

We also believe that husbands should mutually submit to their wives, that gender differences do not lend support to gender inequality, that femininity and female vocation is not a one-size-fits-all box, and that the gospel narrative supports the liberation and equality of women.

We want Christian women to know they are persons with unique callings and stories, that they share more in common with men as humans than they do differences as male and female, and that their femininity reflects God’s nature too. Look around. Feel free to ask questions. I promise we don’t bite.