FAQs and Community Rules


This is a lifestyle blog for egalitarian Christian women who have already concluded that egalitarianism is the best Biblical interpretation — not a place to debate whether it is a valid interpretation to begin with.

I welcome all genuine questions about egalitarianism, whether you’re curious or coming out of the complementarian mindset. To me, no genuine question is stupid or offensive. Please don’t feel the need to phrase your question in just the right way lest you sic an angry feminist on you. I strive to answer all questions with grace, humility, and kindness. If I do not treat you this way, please let me know (kindly!).

I delete accusations, name-calling, and anything I find offensive, inflammatory, and/or unhelpful to good conversation. This goes for egalitarians talking about complementarians too.

If you keep the above in mind, feel free to comment if you are neither egalitarian, Christian, nor female.

If you’d like to discuss or share something more personal, off-topic, or in-depth, email me!


For genuine questions about egalitarianism, check out The Junia Project and Christians for Biblical Equality.

For rude accusations….

A1. You reject the Bible because you support female pastors!
A2. Close. I don’t reject the Bible. I reject a particular interpretation of the Bible called complementarianism. Just because someone interprets the Bible differently than you do does not mean she rejects the Bible.

A1. You’re picking and choosing Bible passages to support your beliefs.
A2. You are too.

A1. You’re ignoring the clear, literal reading of Scripture.
A2. I’m glad complicated theological issues are so simple for you.

A1. You’re a liberal.
A2. Thank you! I strive to be broad-minded and generous.

A1. You don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
A2. That’s not what he told me.