Meet Bailey

I grew up in a big house in the little woods during the heyday of Vision Forum’s stay-at-home daughter movement, promoting patriarchialism, long denim skirts, and a narrow view of God via my little blog. The website Raising Homemakers picked up my work around the time I started questioning my future as a rural homemaker-in-training with zero prospects beyond folding laundry for eight siblings and learning how to crochet for the fourth time.

When I was sixteen, I came out with my concerns about stay-at-home daughters, Vision Forum, and conservative Christian mores in general (like this and this). This admission threw me into spiritual turmoil, but it is the one and only time I am confident I had an experience with God.

A few years later, I attended Hillsdale College, graduating summa cum laude with a B.A. in Christian studies. Here I pursued the good, the true, and the beautiful; met the most unique and genuine people; and changed into a more mature and less close-minded woman able to embrace mystery and difference without her world falling apart. In my senior thesis, “Saved Through Childbirth: How Women Participate in the Life of a Male Redeemer,” I wrestled with questions pertaining to femininity and spirituality in the early church.

During college, I met Erich, a Catholic, ISTP chemistry major — my opposite in every respect (I was a Reformed Baptist ENFJ). We fell in love, which required lots of stretching, mind-changing, and patience, and married the day after our graduation on May 15, 2016. We now attend a warm Episcopalian parish, where I sing in the choir as an alto section leader.

As an undergrad, I began freelancing for my college’s website and for Off the Page. Because writing doesn’t pay the bills and I love little kids, I work as a preschool teacher. I’m crazy about the Reggio Emilia approach, curriculum, and RIE caregiving. All that nerdy study is paying off, as I’m now the happy mommy of little e.e., born Christmas Day 2017.

Please drop me a line and tell me a little bit about yourself, too!