A Great Tool for Sharing the Mental Load

It used to be more stressful for me to send my husband grocery shopping than simply doing it myself. I’d still be the one coming up with the meal plan, then making the list itself—a long process that involved us texting back and forth on what he needed from the store, writing specific brands and quantities, then verbally reading it out loud to him to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. Plus there was the issue of what platform to write and save lists on. I used my phone’s notepad, I printed out Word documents, I wrote with dry erase markers on laminated paper.

A pain.

screenshot_20200321-162551Enter Cozi! It’s a family app the syncs calendars and lists across phones. And it’s done wonders for list making. Instead of texting me a list that I would then transcribe into whatever format I was experimenting with that month, my husband simply inputs items into a shared list as he thinks about them. The list is always in his back pocket if he’s running into Meijer for his own projects—no need for me to debrief him on what our family collectively needs.

Whenever he wants to make a recipe or needs to know the ingredients for a family favorite, he no longer needs me to text him the recipe link (again). All our recipes are stored in the family recipe box. (What, you don’t cook most of your meals from randomly Googled recipes?)

We sync to-do lists too—our own individual lists as well as shared to-dos. Cozi allows us to cross off items without deleting them, which helps us track important things like if I paid the mortgage already. It both eliminates the need for remembering to start that oh, by the way, do we still need to do this thing? conversation and reminds us of things we need to mutually discuss and delegate.

We’re doing just fine with a paper calendar posted in the dining room that we share and discuss, but Cozi offers a shared calendar, and emails out daily, weekly, and/or monthly agendas—a fabulous way to keep appointments, holidays, and events in the forefront of both spouses’ minds.

And did I mention the best part? It’s free!

Are there any other tools you recommend for sharing the mental load?

What do you think?

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