What Introverts Really Do at Farmer’s Markets


My husband and I are the worst combination on some things, and it’s our similarities, not our differences, that get us into the most trouble.

For instance, we are both introverted, boring, low-energy homebodies whose favorite hobbies involve the internet. And we’re cheap. And we’re poor. Well, not poor, but we might as well be, for all the fun and tasty things we can’t be doing and buying this summer because we’re buying a house.

This means, in short, that we never go out.

But we finally did, this Sunday. We went to the local farmer’s market. And we did what we always do: casually meandered past each booth, avoided eye contact, and didn’t buy a single thing.

We came and went within ten minutes.

I don’t know what is wrong with us. Well, I do — we’re introverted, boring, low-energy homebodies. But for real, I don’t know what is wrong with us. How hard is it to make eye contact, do some small talk, and sample some of that homemade salsa? (Really hard, it turns out.)

It’s a respect thing, actually, as well as self-preservation. It feels socially awful to wander up to a booth all smiles and small talk, knowing that the intent in your heart is only to squander the nice lady’s supply of samples and never hand over any cash for it. Heartless.

Right? Or am I the only one who feels this moral compulsion to not give false hope to vendors that their soap is worth the price of that Wonder Woman ticket I’m giving up in order to buy a new dryer?

So we keep our heads down and talk about what we would buy if we had the money, and what we could make ourselves for cheaper after spending a fortune on gardening and/or canning equipment. And we don’t support the local economy, and I don’t get to sample that yummy salsa, and we come home to a carton of eggs that aren’t organic or cage-free or $5 (!!!).

But, on the bright side, we fulfilled our seasonal expectation to get out and do something on our own volition — and that’s really, for us introverts, what these social outings are all about…are they not?

What do you do at farmer’s markets? Extroverts, please. Teach me your ways.

23 thoughts on “What Introverts Really Do at Farmer’s Markets

  1. Kristin H.

    I’m at the local farmer’s market most Saturdays during the summer and have been for the last six years or so…because my family’s farm is a vendor there, ha. (It’s actually where I met my fiancé, he’s the market manager.) I can definitely see how it could be awkward for introverts! For the same reasons why I never liked yard sales…too much pressure to buy and feeling weird walking away empty-handed, etc. But I will say that working at the booth with my dad has forced me (an introvert) out of my comfort zone in a good way. Some days I do still tend to sit back with my knitting, but I’ve had to learn how to jump in to answer questions or have conversations with complete strangers, ha.


  2. Kerry Answers

    If I were in your shoes, I think I’d look at it this way– the vendors are out to sell their products, and maybe you don’t intend to buy them right away. But what if you sampled them and they were really good? Tell the vendor so (it can be done– I am introverted, too), and then tell other people who might be interested. That way, you are in essence doing a little advertising for them without having to feel guilty about not buying anything. I’ve been a vendor at a farmer’s market, and any kind of free advertising is great, because one never knows what the outcome may be!


  3. Kayla McCormick

    Lol, I related to this a lot because both my husband and I have introverted tendencies, as well!
    Thanks for sharing so we don’t feel so weird!


  4. thegreatfish

    I am currently introverting right along with you. I fell off the introvert wagon a while back. Sometimes I ride my bike down the hill into downtown Boise and visit the Farmer’s Market. It seems a little overprice to me for the most part, but I enjoy watching the people. Boise is small enough that sometimes I run into someone I already know.


  5. tsu18

    Glad that I come across your post! it’s so relatable because most of the times I feel weird or guilty for trying samples and end up not buying anything. I feel like I’m taking advantage of the vendor who’s generous enough to provide free samples.


  6. Kara

    I’m an introvert, so is my boyfriend. But we go to farmers markets and buy things, or sell (sometimes we are vendors-we both have gardens and poultry).

    I think a lot of it is about your comfort zone. I am in my happy place outdoors, around plants and animals. So i can interact with others because I am comfortable. It’s really not that bad. Especially because you can literally just walk away at any point.


    • Bailey Steger

      That’s a good point. If I’m at home in an environment, my introversion and shyness melt away. I guess the farmer’s market just isn’t my happy place. ;) It’s awesome to me that raise poultry and gardens!!


  7. colleen55

    I am right along with you on that! That is one of the reasons I never go to Farm Markets. And then what to do when you taste something and you don’t like it, or like it enough to buy it at that price?! Eek. I totally can relate.


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