Good Love Songs


I woke up with Johnnyswim’s “Villains” on repeat in my mind:

You take all the things that I say, and you hear them the wrong way.
It’s all of the things that you don’t say, that’s making my heart break.

Here we go again making villains out of lovers.

Have you heard of them? The husband and wife duo writes openly about their relationship and life. Their music is poignant, honest, and capable of triggering hope and sorrow at the same time. You know how some love songs seem better suited for new love and some for seasoned, comfortable, tangled up married love? These songs are the latter.

The next time I need a good cry, I’m going to put their album on repeat.

Here’s my favorite song, “Rescue You”:

I’ve given you a lifeline, given you time
Oh, but you rather sink than swim.
You blame history, you blaming me
But you are your own worst enemy.

What love songs have you been listening to lately?

PC: Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez, Lincoln Motor Co.

2 thoughts on “Good Love Songs

  1. Hannah B.

    Let’s Hurt Tonight, by OneRepublic. It kills me. 😭😍😭

    I’m looking forward to listening to these. I’ve never heard of Johnnyswim before.


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