A Good Laugh

Last week was exhausting — the first week back from a blissfully long winter break. I finished off this busy week by watching stupid internet things with my hubby and laughing until I cried.

Pinky the Cat

This is, sadly, how most of my pets turned out.

how is prangent formed

Okay, confession: grammar nerds need to get off their high horses sometimes and see the human behind the horrible misspellings and punctuation errors of the internet masses. And I, an arrogant grammar nerd, will do that…right after I recover from watching this video. (Here’s another hilarious reading of bad grammar.)

See Bots Chat

What happens when a Google Home named Vladimir chats with a Google Home named Estragon? The cutest, funniest, most logic-bending conversation ever. Livestreamed from Twitch, the bots consider attacking humans, wonder if there’s a God, change genders, sing songs, and get into long, repetitive arguments. By the way, they think they’re humans, and, sometimes, call themselves Mia…both of them. Scarily addicting, just so you know.

Have you seen anything funny on the internet lately?

p.s. Hilarious Twitter accounts

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