The Emotional Trauma of Getting a Pixie Cut

This is what it’s like to get a pixie cut.

Spend a whole year thinking about it.

Search “pixie cut for round faces” half a dozen times, decide your face is more long than round, search “pixie cut for long faces” twenty times, and then just look at generic pixie cuts because you can’t figure out your face shape.

Find the perfect pixie cut.


Procrastinate on setting the appointment.

Panic and set the appointment as soon as possible.

Spend a restless day and a sleepless night psyching up for this moment.

Ask your husband a million times if he’ll still love you with short hair.

Feel like you’re going to puke, pass out, or burst into tears in the hours leading up to your appointment.

Think about texting your husband that you feel more nervous now than you did on your wedding day.

Delete that text because you don’t know what that says about you.

Drive past the salon a couple times.

Look completely clueless and lost at the salon, especially because everyone’s dressed up as reindeer.

See lots of pretty young hairstylists with gorgeous long hair.

Make awkward small talk with your stylist who (thank God!) is dressed as a normal, sensible human being. With gorgeous long hair.

Feel liberated when she chops off two feet of hair. Yes. This, like marrying your husband, was something you wanted and needed to do.

Wonder how this hair style looks remotely like the picture you showed, but she knows what she’s doing, right, and maybe there’s special pixie cut magic five minutes before you leave that makes it look just right.

It doesn’t look right.

Don’t say anything because the stylist loves it, and her supervisor loves it, and the random stylist who sees you sitting there forlornly loves it, and you’re a people pleaser, and you haven’t had time to overcome your besetting weaknesses, and you’ve been sitting there for two hours, and it’s five o’clock, and you can’t believe you spent half of your year freaking out over getting a pixie cut only to not get a pixie cut.

Feel upset.

Stylist gives you chocolate.

Still feel upset because you’re a complicated woman and chocolate doesn’t solve your problems.

Get home.

Sister tells you that you look cute.

Stare at yourself in every mirror in the house.

Decide she’s right.

Take bathroom selfies.


Oh, and here’s the back:


I mean, for not being a pixie cut, it’s still pretty fly.

18 thoughts on “The Emotional Trauma of Getting a Pixie Cut

  1. Shaun Jex

    Was reading this and my wife looked over my shoulder. I mentioned that the first picture wasn’t you. My wife gave me a curious look and said, “Yes, I already knew she wasn’t Julianne Hough”…I had no idea that’s who it was…


  2. Jasmine Ruigrok

    Aww! So sorry it didn’t turn out how you wanted, but it looks lovely on you! You totally rock short hair. I’ve thought about cutting mine that short, but I’m not brave enough either, yet. Kudos to you for taking the plunge despite the nerves!


  3. Karen

    I cant believe they called it a pixie cut. Thats an A line and i totally got that the second time i chopped it all off. I loved it! So easy to manage and really flattering. Maybe what happened to you is what happened to me the first time i got it chopped… Bc i had so long of hair, the stylist refused to take it all off, she said it would be too much of a shock. Instead i got this wierd almost short but not quite length. I hated looking at it, never got used to it. Oh and she criticized me for dying my hair w henna. Some time later i walked into a different salon. This stylist was awesome. She said whatever i wanted with my hair was great, even henna, and she gave me an actual A line. I loved it from day 1. Never falling for “stylist knows best” again. I am a pleaser too so its easy to convince me that what i think i want isnt what i want. Esp. If its something im inexperienced with. However your “not quite” cut looks great and im glad youre happy with it because thats literally the most important thing about a new haircut!!


    • Bailey Steger

      I think my stylist subconsciously did what your first one did — she didn’t say she wouldn’t give me a pixie cut outright, but at the end of two hours, she said that if I went any shorter, it’d look weird. Ahem. Who’s paying who? ;)

      You can dye your hair with henna?? Sweet.

      And you’re totally right — A-line’s are awesome! :)


      • Bethany C

        Oh, I am a huge fan of henna! I have actually been dyeing my hair with it since my teens–I’m naturally blonde :) From what I hear it is better for your hair than box dye, and it fades more subtly too. Makes quite a mess of course, but other than that I love it!


      • Bailey Steger

        Really? It gives your hair such a nice color! I never would have guessed yours was dyed. If I ever want to dye my hair again, I’ll look into henna. Box dye damaged my hair pretty badly (another good reason to chop it all off!).


  4. Jean

    My stylist has called this hair cut a layered bob…and I think she was wise not to take you from two feet of hair directly to a pixie…this way you can get used to the shorter version and…if you want a true pixie later, you can always get it cut shorter. I love the swing of the angle! You rock!


  5. Laura Jinkins

    A few months ago, I got this same haircut — I’ve really enjoyed it. The only things I struggle with are these: sometimes I fight with my hair falling in my face when I’m trying to work on something that requires bending or leaning forward, and because my hair is coarse (and a bit wiry due to grey hair), I have to use a flat iron or fat curling iron to smooth things out. Other than that, I really like it. Now I’m getting ready to make the transition from colored hair to my natural grey. I’ve fought the grey thing since I was 23, but I think after 30 years, it’s time. And apparently there are young folk out there who are actually coloring their hair grey at the salons!


    • Bailey Steger

      I was changing my niece’s diaper today (multiple times) and found my hair dangling in my face as well! That really is the only downside of this haircut, like you said, though I think mine would look less ratty if I took the time to blow dry and flip it under. (But I don’t own a blow dryer, so I don’t care. ;))

      I’ve heard of the gray thing! Look at you, being naturally trendy. ;) :D

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Elizabeth Erazo

    Ok, so the first time I got my hair cut short, I got almost this exact same cut. You look great in it, but honestly? If you want a pixie, go back! Hack that hair OFF. Muahahaha For me, the A-line still left me with that niggling desire for “short” hair.

    I am a big fan of short hair. I cut mine in a pixie around 2014 and have NEVER regretted it. Honestly, I think “face shapes” are sometimes kind of a myth. I mean, you never hear someone telling a dude that they really need to grow out their hair because short hair makes their face look “too round”. :P

    Anyways, your current hairdo looks super cute but I still fully support going back and getting MORE cut if that’s what you really want.


    • Bailey Steger

      That’s true! I suppose we’re just used to guys having short hair and don’t even think about whether it flatters their facial shape or not. ;)

      This haircut seems to be the gateway to the pixie cut. :D Right now, I think I’ll stick with it, but I’m still, like you, in favor of chopping it all off eventually. ;)


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