Newlywed Christmas


Erich and I are forgoing the family celebrations to spend our first Christmas morning together at our own apartment. I learned a long time ago that holidays aren’t half as fun without children under the age of twelve, so I wonder why we’re doing this to ourselves.

I want to resurrect an abandoned Bergmann tradition — looking at Christmas light displays. We used to load up our twelve-passenger van, drive to the local Sonic, order some chocolate shakes, and joy ride around the rich neighborhoods (all in our jammies, of course). Christmas music, the dark, warm van, the random caroling — those were good times.

P.S. I am beyond excited to play Santa this year. I’ve already got plastic bags filled with stocking stuffers, so I’m working out when to do the deed. Erich’s up late, so I’ll probably sneak out in the morning, fill ‘er up, and then go jump on him until he gets out of bed. He better leave me cookies. But not milk. I think our milk is a couple weeks old. (I’ll go check on that.)

Help a newlywed couple out: What are some fun holiday traditions for two?

2 thoughts on “Newlywed Christmas

  1. Laura Jinkins

    A bit late in commenting, but here’s an opinion from 25 years of married Christmases…

    Good job on staking a claim on Christmas morning — when my husband and I married, we knew we would have children (or as the case turned out, a child) one day. We also knew that we would want our child to wake up Christmas mornings at home. So we said from day one that we would visit family on Christmas Eve, Christmas afternoon, whatever, but Christmas MORNING was for us to spend at our own home. Because we established that from the beginning, we never had a problem with his family or my family arguing over who we were going to spend Christmas morning with.

    In fact, we ended up establishing a “schedule” of sorts that has served us very well indeed. The 23rd is reserved for his mother, sister, and extended family, the 24th is reserved for my sister and her kids (my mom passed away in August 2015), and Christmas Day afternoon was his dad’s before he passed away. Because each part of the family had an assigned day, they’ve never felt like they would get overlooked or ignored. And we’ve always had our Christmas mornings at home. Because we have only one child (almost 21, now) we’ll adjust however we need to when she is out and on her own, but we’ll respect her choices because we wanted that for ourselves. :)


    • Bailey Steger

      What a brilliant idea! I really did like having Christmas morning to ourselves. It didn’t occur to me to purposefully stake Christmas morning out as a permanent “just us” day. I like your idea of the schedule, too! Our family lives nearby, so it would be easy to travel around throughout the holiday weekend on specific days.

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