The Gifts I Didn’t Buy

I like shopping as close to Christmas as possible. To me, shopping is a part of traditional Christmas festivities and must be done during the Christmas season. It’s the only time that makes shopping bearable. So if you’re like me, and still shopping for the elusive perfect gift, here’s the world’s shortest mall gift guide.

For her


Sierra Tech Charger Clutch, $38, Francesca’s

A cute clutch that charges your phone on the go? Yes, please. Or am I the only one whose phone always dies when I’m out and about?

For him


Plaited Wool-Blend Touchscreen Compatible Gloves, $14.95, Express

If you expect your man to text you back ASAP when it’s a bajillion degrees below outside, buy him these. (And buy me some too.)

For family


Flannel Drawstring Sleep Pants, $6, Old Navy

Here’s how this works: get your sister the cutest pajama bottoms, throw in a thermal top, and then duplicate the look for yourself. Family jammies! (Matching pajamas would be a fun mommy/newborn or newlywed gift!)

For anyone


Pentatonix, “That’s Christmas to Me,” $10.29, Walmart

Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever. My brother bought this for me last Christmas. I listened to it until the snow melted, and I started listening to it again well before Thanksgiving. It’s my go-to car jam. (You could also buy their new album, but this one’s better.)

And don’t forget to give the gift of yourself! Take your grandma out to eat, get your nails done with your best friend, go see the new Star Wars movie with your little brother, or learn how to snowboard with your hubby. (Been there, done that, got the medical bill to prove it.)

What’s your favorite gift you’ve given or received? I need to start gathering ideas for next year!

4 thoughts on “The Gifts I Didn’t Buy

  1. Shaun Jex

    I’d be hard pressed to name the best gift I’ve ever received. In terms of the best gift I’ve ever given, or at least my favorite, was a wooden jewelry box that I made for my wife when we were dating. I built the box from scratch and on the lid I burned the images of a claddagh (my wife is of Irish decent) and a Tlingit Raven (I’m Alaska native). My wife still uses the box some 14 years later. She stores odds and ends that she’s collected from our adventures over the years. :)

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  2. wifemotherfriendblog

    Favourite gift I ever received was a subscription to national geographic! My dad had tons of those when I was a kid, I used to read the, constantly. I love them still!
    The best gift ever given…I think it might be a gift I gave my SIL while she was waiting (12 days late) for her second child. She was so appreciative I still remember her reaction 😊


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