My Thanksgiving Contribution


This Thanksgiving was a big deal for me — the first time I shouldered the responsibility of providing part of the Thanksgiving meal on my own dime. I got ambitious and thought I’d make a salted caramel apple pie.

My older female friends warned me against it. “A pumpkin pie’s what you want to do,” they told me. “It’s so simple. The recipe’s on the back of the Libby pumpkin can!”

But I was above all that. Who wanted to waste their first adult contribution to a family get-together on an easy peasy, pumpkin squeezy pie?

On the other hand, they did have a point. I kept putting it off and putting it off. Didn’t want to ruin it, did I?

I waited for Erich, the chef of our family, to come home and supervise my baking. Between school programs and work schedules and driving up to grandmother’s house we go, there wasn’t any time for supervised baking, so I was bold and…showed up empty-handed to Thanksgiving.

Fortunately, we ended up postponing Thanksgiving by a couple days due to the birth of my niece (more on that later!), and I found the courage, the time, and the help to throw together this beautiful salted caramel apple pie. (Here’s the recipe, if you’re craving what I’m craving!)


Psst. It didn’t taste good — too much lemon, not enough caramel, something like that. After all, it was only my first contribution to Thanksgiving dinner!

What adventurous dish did you make for Thanksgiving?

8 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Contribution

  1. Rebekah

    Your pie looks AMAZING! Even if you didn’t like the taste, you should be very proud of creating a pie that beautiful.

    I had a very similar experience this Thanksgiving. My sister, my husband, and I were in charge of making the desserts. I was really excited to try a new take on our family’s traditional pecan pie with a pecan molasses pie recipe that I had found in a magazine, and I was going to make it the night before Thanksgiving at my parents’ house.

    Well, I ended up getting sick, and my husband ended up making it. It was a rather complicated recipe that took quite a long time. And guess what? The traditional pie recipe was better.


  2. Elizabeth Erazo

    It *looks* delicious though! Trust me, the only key to all this baking stuff is attention and a try, try again attitude. Of course, I decided to hone in on bread rather than pastry. This year I made sweet potato bread rolls with a honey butter glaze from an online recipe and they were totally yummy. This is my third year making them, but I practiced several times in between and now they are *almost* a no-stress item. I make the dough the night before and let it complete its first rise overnight in the fridge which means I can shape the dough, do the second rise and toss them in the oven in the morning. About as low-key as a homemade dish can get.

    A bonus nice homemade thing which is easy to tack onto bread is flavored and whipped butter. Just throw some cinnamon and a bit of sugar and whip the butter like crazy. Very tasty and simple.

    I used to be terrible with baking. But its slowly becoming a nice, enjoyable activity rather than a hazardous one!


  3. Mary

    My parents and little sister came to my cousins’ house, so I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with them and my cousins helping out with different dishes. I did make pie crusts for our pumpkin pies from scratch, which is a good way to make pumpkin pies a little more challenging. ;) Your pie looks beautiful!

    I’m a vegetarian, so my mom and aunt made this delicious mushroom gravy for me to have with mashed potatoes while everyone else got to have turkey gravy. It was so good, everyone else had some too!


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