Donald Trump’s “Lewd” Comments

Trump’s recently unearthed comments are not just “lewd” and “inappropriate.” They describe criminal sexual assault.

This election is insane. The top options are between two different sorts of bad character and potentially criminal behavior. I refuse to judge or tell people how to vote (though, honestly, if you actively support either top candidate, I’ve got some thoughts on that). We’re truly choosing between two evils.

Regardless of how anyone plans to vote this election, let’s not brush aside this fact: Trump has bragged about sexual assault.

Even if he has not committed actual sexual assault, even if the women enthusiastically “let” him make “heavy,” unwanted, and explicit advances, even if women are charmed by his sexiness and not intimidated by his wealth and power, the way he phrased his comments makes it sound like he’s describing and condoning sexual assault. 

If you vote for Trump, you’re voting for a man who thinks it’s okay to leverage his stardom to “f—,” grope, and kiss women without waiting for their consent.

How that factors into Trump’s evilness and presidential unfitness compared to Clinton’s is a complicated decision for some. I respect that. I’m not voting for him. My vote is expressly and explicitly against Trump.

But if you do vote for him, don’t spin his comments as anything less than making light of sexual assault.

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s “Lewd” Comments

  1. Allison Caylor

    I didn’t even need this latest development to be absolutely stumped about whom to vote for. I had almost decided not to vote at all, despite this being my long-awaited first presidential election. I think this might seal my decision.

    Or I might just vote for Ted Cruz. :)


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