I Finally Figured Out the Problem of Evil

My breakthrough? I couldn’t figure it out. Nobody has. And I don’t think anybody can. I don’t think anybody can figure out how good and evil, polar opposites that should swallow each other up, coexist in a broken world with an all-powerful, good God who permits horrendous things to happen to those he loves.

None of that even begins to make sense. But taking anything out of that scenario doesn’t make sense, either.

So, after a couple philosophy classes, Dostoevsky, and twenty-two years of agony, here it is, my “Non-Explanation of the Problem of Evil.” Let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “I Finally Figured Out the Problem of Evil

  1. Karen

    Love this so much Bailey. Theology can only provide limited solace in the real world of non-typical situations that dont always fit in boxes. Really, all we have is the example of christ rather than any cut and dried explainations. And somehow that must be ok. Maybe we dont need all the answers. Maybe more than answers, we need to love and know we are loved.


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