Favorite Wedding Moments


I went to six weddings this summer — including my own — and witnessed many beautiful moments. I rode on a trolley to a gorgeous country club, discovered all Catholic weddings involve open bars, and saw five beautiful brides grin up at their new husbands.

Some of the moments weren’t so beautiful, of course.

Erich and I nearly asphyxiated on the cloud of Febreze in our motor lodge room. I forgot to write down which hotel I booked and had to track down the place by tracing the outgoing call for the reservation and Googling the number, all on a 4% phone battery. I couldn’t say no to soft pretzels, with grave gastrointestinal consequences. I forgot to pack pajamas every. single. time. we stayed overnight. And I spent way too much money on overpriced McDonald’s frappes at the Chicago oases.

Good, good times.

But by far, the two wedding moments that stuck out to me as the sweetest happened at wedding number six (the wedding where a thunderstorm followed us the entire way there, and we arrived at the church right as the bride walked down the aisle).

During the first dance, the bride’s toddler nephew ran out onto the dance floor to join the newlyweds. Like the good and giving people they are, they picked him right up and danced their first dance with a little red-head in their arms. Heart. Melt.

I don’t know what was sweeter — envisioning them with their own little one a few years from now, or feeling that this moment perfectly captured their love for others.

And then, we got to throw Fruit Loops for the departure. Yes, you heard right: Fruit Loops. The bride had always wanted to run through Fruit Loops after her wedding. So my wedding season concluded with pelting Fruit Loops at one of the happiest, most caring couples I know.

Let me know what wedding moments stuck out to you this summer!

6 thoughts on “Favorite Wedding Moments

  1. Rebekah

    Forgetting to write down the address of your hotel is easier than it seems! We did that on a grad school visit. It was late at night when we arrived, it was snowing, there was literally NOWHERE on campus to park, and we didn’t realize we didn’t know what to do until we were lost in the middle of the sprawling campus. I wish I could say that I responded to the situation with graciousness and dignity…


  2. Abigail

    Froot Loops! I’ll have to steal that for one of my fictional characters. =)

    I only attended one wedding this summer, but it was very memorable: the power went out partway through the ceremony. Thankfully, the venue was a beautiful country church with tall, well-spaced windows all the way along the sides of the sanctuary. The ceremony continued without missing a beat, the singers projected their voices without microphones, and we celebrated in a dim, stifling fellowship hall with no AC. It was an experience, but I loved seeing how the couple, family, and friends all celebrated without any meltdowns or expressed frustration. We just took life as it came, and it was special to witness the simplicity and joy.


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