We Got an Apartment!


On the last day of our honeymoon, Erich and I found out that we were approved to move into our apartment!

It’s been a whirlwind of packing, unloading, and hauling things up too many steps. The living room and bedroom are a cluttered mess, with bags full of Goodwill donations and random papers littered everywhere, but the kitchen and bathroom look decent. I should probably take the tags off the bath towels now that we’ve used them.

We’re using winter clothes totes and mismatched throw pillows as our reading nook and a collapsible Walmart table as our desk. Our loveseat has pale pink cushions. And the unification of Erich’s stuff (like the huge painting of a Japanese attack on an American battleship — why, babe?!) with my stuff (happy colors and eye-popping prints) has been…jarring. Our home is a work in progress, to be sure.

I’d show you a picture, but really, it’s a disaster. Photographing it will make me feel guilty about how much time I spent answering messages instead of picking up my junk. (Adult life, here I come.)

I’ve been without internet until yesterday, so I apologize for not publishing your comments in a timely manner, and hope you enjoyed all the scheduled content publishing without my supervision!

We’re headed out for Erich’s first job interview and to drop off all my personal identification in order to officially change my last name. (Still some mixed feelings — I don’t mind taking on Erich’s last name, but I hate erasing my last name from the public records. I’ve made up my mind, however, so I bit the bullet and filled out all the paperwork. Finally memorized my social security number too — look at me go!)

We’ll spend the weekend conserving the air conditioning and cleaning up the rest of our apartment. What are your plans?

// My new apartment isn’t quite like my dream apartments (here and here).

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