Loft Apartments

Let me tell you a sob story.

Erich and I found the perfect apartment, our dream apartment…and we made too much money to rent it. Due to the affordable housing program in Milwaukee, my tiny teacher’s paycheck almost over-qualified us, and Erich’s chemistry paycheck made it impossible to apply. We joked about him staying home all year and mowing lawns for a living, but no, obviously, no.

While we made too much money for the subsidized apartments, we make too little money to afford the same style apartments at market price. Ah, the plight of post-grads! To assuage my wounded heart, I’m going to share with you my favorite apartment style — lofts in old factories!

All around downtown Milwaukee and elsewhere in the western world, companies are renovating 1900’s factories into loft-style apartments. On the outside, the apartment complexes still look like the original factories, brick, logos, and all. They’re even named after the original factories: Knitting Factory Lofts, Paper Box Lofts, Boiler Factory Lofts, etc.

esser lofts


Loft-styles are open — unique layouts, tall ceilings, and lots of breathing room. These factory loft-styles still include original brick walls, uncovered pipes, unfinished concrete floors, and random pillars and hardware, lending itself to a modern decorating style.

berry street lofts
cigar lofts
boiler lofts

Did I mention these are my dream apartments? Maybe I’ll make Erich quit his job, after all….

Would you live in a factory loft?

// How I would decorate my dream apartment and my favorite statement walls

PC: Kunzelmann-Esser Lofts (Milwaukee, WI), Candy Factory Lofts (Toronto), Soda Factory Lofts (Williamsburg, NY), Watch Factory Lofts (Waltham, MA), Soda Factory Lofts, Cigar Factory Lofts (Oakland, CA), Boiler Factory Lofts (Toronto), private home (Finedon, UK), Soap Factory (Tribeca, NY)

13 thoughts on “Loft Apartments

  1. Daniel Abbott

    I don’t know where you live/plan to live, so this may not be an option: However, houses in small towns surrounding an urban area are often significantly cheaper though that also comes with a longer commute. You may be able to find a house for a better deal, including gas costs, than an apartment in town will run you.


  2. Karen

    I feel ya on the too rich for subsidies but too poor to be without them…its my current dillema with healthcare actually. And have you ever watched househunters? If youre looking for a place to live youd especially enjoy it. My roomies and i group binge watch the show from time to time. So voyeuristic and entertaining!


  3. kscheu2121

    Bailey! I get your blogposts forwarded to me in emails, and because of the time difference, I get new ones every morning. Love it.
    I enjoyed learning something new in this post! I thought these types of appartments only existed on TV, but this is really neat! I would totally live in one of these babies. I love the open feel, the exposed brick, and the history behind these homes. I think I would make sure to include lots of cozy furniture to make the industrial space feel very warm and homey. You know? Lots of blankets, chairs, sofas, etc. (LOL if I ever have enough money for those things as an aspiring writer ;))
    Keep the posts coming! Can’t wait to hear about which home you pick out.


      • Korie

        I go by “Mrs.” too… Although my students called me “Mrs.” before I was married, too.

        “Mx.” originated in the UK and is more popular there. It used to mean something along the lines of, “It doesn’t matter whether I am male or female” but now it means something more like, “I’m neither male nor female.”


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