Someone to Talk To


Instead of putting together a bunch of different things to talk about, I want to give you some suggestions of people you ought to talk to this weekend!

Skype an internet friend. A couple weeks ago, I connected with Ashley (Schnarr) Easter, a fellow egalitarian and Christian feminist and a former stay-at-home daughter. Back in the day, we both wrote for the same website, Raising Homemakers, and knew of each other and our blogs, but it wasn’t until after we both came out as egalitarians that we found each other again and celebrated our newfound freedom! I loved hearing her story and talking with someone who’s gone through the same thought processes, the same coming out, the same shame, and the same freedom. Sometimes I feel isolated and misunderstood because of my past beliefs (“What’s a stay-at-home daughter? People actually believe that stuff?!”), so it was encouraging to connect with someone who knew exactly where I was coming from and where I was going.

Ask a bride. It’s wedding season! I enjoyed catching up with one of my brides-to-be and hearing all her plans and excitement. The squeals and giggles and happy freaking out are a sure pick-me-up for a any day! Eight days until she’s married!

Connect with a sibling. Now that the four oldest siblings are out of the house, it’s hard to stay connected with them. I finally called my older brother for the first time in ages, and we had an amazing heart to heart talk. I’m also excited to get to know his girlfriend — another conversation I need to have!

Call your out-of-state friends. Now that I’m graduated and moving back to Wisconsin, I’m making a more concerted effort at reconnecting with my old girlfriends. The other day, I Skyped my bridesmaid and childhood best friend, who’s now married and the mother of the cutest baby boy. It was fun juggling our conversation around the baby’s giggles and screams — just another reminder that we all somehow made it to adulthood.

Plan regular Google Hangouts with your college roommates. My two roomies moved to Omaha, NE and Brooklyn, NY. I’m hoping to visit the Omaha Zoo again (I grew up near Omaha) and to take a weekend vacation to New York, but until those in-person dates happen, we’re scheduling almost-weekly Google Hangouts. There’s so much to talk about since we’ve graduated, married, started new jobs, rented apartments, and all that jazz.

Enjoy your weekend! Erich and I are moving to Milwaukee today and starting our apartment hunt in earnest tomorrow. What are you doing for the weekend? Did you connect or reconnect with someone special? I’d love to know!

// Really digging these chevron walls and loved writing about my marriage habits!

2 thoughts on “Someone to Talk To

  1. Korie

    I spent time this weekend with a dear friend I’ve known for 10 years. He is one of the most influential people in my walk with Christ. We both got married about 2 years ago, and since then, we’ve had a hard time figuring out how to connect as couples. Last night seemed to be the first time we were able to experience the relaxed familiarity we used to have.


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