My Dream Apartment


Erich and I just inquired about our first rental! We came up with a list of non-negotiables, like lots of natural light, a safe neighborhood, a washer and dryer (please please please), and no weird wall colors or patterns. (I came across this horrible Victorian-1940’s hybrid of a kitchen, and knew right then and there that no way could I live with weird floor tiles or wall paper!)

We’re so used to living in run-down off-campus houses and cramped dorm rooms that it feels odd getting a say about what we want in an apartment. Erich’s got his heart set on an “enormous three-bedroom home” for only $755 per month (utilities included!). I’m thinking that’s too good to be true — it mentioned aluminum siding, after all. I’m a skeptic, but we inquired for more info and photos today.

When dating, Erich and I would take walks around his neighborhood, pointing out what we did and didn’t like about each home. We both agreed that ranch-style houses were out of the question for our future, but other than that, we have opposite dream homes. I was thinking of a cozy one-bedroom apartment overlooking Milwaukee’s open-air Bayshore Mall — something modern, quirky, and full of color, white space, and life, like this:

apartment living

Erich wants a traditional home with extra rooms and corners, located in a quiet, introverted neighboorhood, and heavy on wood decor. (At least wood’s better than aluminum, right?) He finds the huge mansions fascinating; I think they’re terrifying and lonely. He probably wouldn’t mind a deerhead or two; I want all modern decor.

I’m interested to see what the mash-up of our dream home looks like. Honestly, I’m not too picky. I just want a roof, a couch, and air conditioning — and a kitchen without weird wall patterns.

What’s your dream home?

// A morning routine and some dishwashing advice if you end up without a dishwasher

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8 thoughts on “My Dream Apartment

  1. Bethany

    I can’t imagine being washer and dryer-less!! Do not negotiate on this!! ;)
    I like your apartment style! I always wanted something similar…except they don’t really exist around here. Maybe a big city like Milwaukee will be more mod though? And $755?! That’s crazy. :)


  2. maryblendermann

    Minimalist decor is actually really easy to do with a wood-heavy space. Just keep it as simple as possible and go for lots of texture, if you can – thick knit blankets, furry or fuzzy rugs, couches with interesting upholstery, et cetera. I think the key is to make everything look really touchable. :)


  3. Rebekah

    “Location where we won’t get shot.”
    That’s a good thing for the top of the list. I approve.

    I’ve thought before about how I would combine my style with my husband’s (if I get married). Part of me wants a guy with no home décor preference so I can do whatever I want, but that’s pretty mean. The other part knows I like several different styles so if he has a preference, I can go with whatever we’re closest on. I still really, really, want a navy and white chevron wall in my living room. He better be okay with that…


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