Something to Talk About


If you’re anything like me, you struggle with small talk. Every Friday, I put together a bunch of different things to talk about as you head into your weekend. Hopefully they’ll spare you a few awkward silences!

If you encounter a wardrobe malfunction, mention the cool new pants that alert you when your fly is down.

When your friend chokes on her drink during your girls’ night out, tell her that the inventor of the Heimlich maneuver only just used it.

Ask your favorite sci-fi geek to give their opinion on why there isn’t more Christian fantasy.

Speaking of sci-fi, go find a science nerd to help you figure out the technical language about how an AI machine watched The Blade Runner.

Did you and your college friends lament paper-writing? Send them this manifesto against writing papers. (For the record, I disapprove…but I like controversy.)

And finally, when somebody mentions Harambe the gorilla, change the subject to the ethics of mob justice and then leave while you have the chance.

Enjoy your weekend! Make conversations! Be brave!

What do you think?

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