Meet #stegersrus

This is Erich, my hubby of three weeks and best friend of three years. We love each other a lot, we’re total goofballs, and our couple hashtag is #stegersrus. You can pronounce it Stegers R Us like the toy store, or stegersaurus, like the nickname my siblings gave him while we were dating.

We thought it’d be fun to demonstrate some date night activities, starting with a showdown between Catholic and Protestant upbringings. We bring you…Bible trivia, #stegersrus style.

5 thoughts on “Meet #stegersrus

  1. Bethany Durie

    So, you two are adorable! I need to pull out some trivia cards with Aidan, because if it’s as fun as it is to watch I TOTALLY WANT TO SO THIS. Oh, btw, I secretly read every post but can’t get over my procrastination to actually write a comment. And your design is sweet, too!! Bravo!! I shall be reading from the shadows. :)


  2. Rebekah

    I love that you have a couple hashtag. ;) The fact that you can pronounce it like a dinosaur makes it even cooler. Siblings can be so creative, can’t they?

    Thanks for sharing, it’s so cute and fun to see how you guys interact. :)

    (Oh, and not to brag, but I got most of them right, myself. :P)


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