A Tip for Cutting Down on Dishes


When I was growing up, my sister and I washed the dishes. We played a game where we’d pile all the dishes into the dishwasher at lightning speed. Even though we were washing up for around nine people every single night, dishes weren’t so bad when we played the speed wash game.

Now that the speed washing days are over, I’ve lost my enthusiasm for dishes. Gloriously, Erich and I made this deal long before marriage that whoever cooks gets off the hook for dishes. Not so gloriously, I don’t cook much — so I do the dishes. By hand. Every day. Twice a day.

But right at the beginning of our marriage, we established this great hack for dishwashing: we use only one plate, bowl, cup, and set of utensils per person. This eliminates piles of dirty dishes festering in the sink, which makes dish duty much shorter. Plus, with only item per person, I have to wash the dishes if I want to serve up Erich’s home cooking on clean plates. It’s fast, and it’s lazy proof — the adult version of speed washing.

How do you feel about dish duty?

4 thoughts on “A Tip for Cutting Down on Dishes

  1. Ruxee

    So my strategy as a newly married is: I cook dinner. We leave the dishes unwashed for the sake of reading a book together. We sleep. I wake up in the morning under the delicate kisses of The Husband while he tries to make me open up my eyes. I eventually open them and get out of bed, dragging myself to the bathroom. The Husband asks if I need anything. I need coffee. Every.morning. He makes coffee. His STRONG sense of duty notices the unwashed dishes. His love for me says: wash them. He washes the dishes. I drink the coffee and feel grateful enough to wash the dishes after lunch. :) Story repeates.


    P. S. I switched from your MHJ and caught up with your posts here. Lovely!


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