My Morning Routine

morning routine

I’m not a morning person, but I love my mornings. During college, I would use up my mornings to sleep in until the last second before throwing my books into my backpack and seeing how fast it was humanly possible to brush my teeth. Now that it’s summer, I’m enjoying my mornings again.

My body wakes me up early, around 7:30 AM, but between my husband’s good morning kisses and the weird dreams that kept me up last night, I stay in bed until around 9 AM. Normally I don’t eat breakfast, but we’ve been baking and refrigerating large batches of breakfast pizza. It requires only a zap in the microwave each morning to feed my working man. If I’m feeling embodied by 9 AM, I’ll eat something too. (You know what I mean by “embodied,” right — hunger starts pinching your stomach, your face feels awake, and you begin to notice other things exist besides your thought world?)

Erich goes off to work (a.k.a. walks down to the lakeshore to catch turtles), and I look at the dishes on the table, the dishes in the sink, and the dishes in the dish strainer, and decide to check Facebook.

It’s a terrible habit, I know, but it takes me forever to wake up and feel any internal motivation for chores. The bed’s still unmade, the blinds are shut, and I’m still in pjs, but I curl up on the couch, check Facebook, and write while the cabin is quiet and the light is soft.

As sleepy as my body is, my mind does its best work in the morning. It’s when I answer emails, start blog posts, and read inflammatory articles online. I’d probably sit there all day, reading, writing, and thinking, if Erich didn’t show up around noon. While he preps lunch, I do all the morning things normal people do — get ready for the day, tidy up a bit, and finally wash the dishes.

This routine isn’t the most efficient, but I love it. It’s simple, natural, and guilt-free. It’s nice to put off busyness when I’m feeling introverted and sleepy, and it feels amazing, after years of frantic getting ready, to just be human — minor Facebook addiction and all.

What would be your preferred morning routine?

What do you think?

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